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STREET MAGIC (Volshebniki Dvora)

STREET MAGIC has grown into the largest and the most popular children's variety studio in the city of Voronezh, with about 100 gifted children and 15 teachers. The children of STREET MAGIC have performed in more than 70 cities in Russia and abroad. 2005 became for STREET MAGIC, a year of awards... In August, 2005 lead singer Vlad Krutskikh became one of the finalists of the World Championships of the Performing Arts in Hollywood. The songs Ivan Kupala and Aria of Troubadour brought to him two nominations and two gold medals in the category of Voice of the World and Broadway Music. In this CD of rock, pop and dance songs Ivan Kupala, you'll find some of Street Magic's (Volshebniki Dvora) greatest hits including the title song and Kapitoshka.

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VLAD KRUTSKIKH - Silent Stars CD - Sold Out!

2005 Junior Eurovison champion, Vlad Krutskikh, takes the lead on 14 famous Street Magic (Volshebniki Dvora) rock, pop and dance songs. Includes Russian hits Hallo Hello, Ivan Kupala and Kapitoshka. Also includes 6-karaoke versions of hits like: Balaganchik, Ivan Kupala, To Love the Wind, Letters, Mysterious Island and Silent Stars. Official Release IMPORT!